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Mens Apparel


Classic Tailor | Murphy, TX


::. Men’s Apparel .::

Classic’s personalized tailoring will ensure the perfect fit for everything from shirts, pants, jeans, suits, sport coats, buttons, zippers, tuxedos, and more. Contact Alak for a FREE one-on-one consulting appointment today!

Kid Alterations


Classic Tailor | Murphy,TX


.:: Kid Alterations ::.

We make it easy to alter kids clothing for the next sibling, to bring a treasured garment back into rotation, and/or to restore or resize garments as your child’s body and style changes. Broken zipper?  Button falling off? Ripped jeans? Kid’s clothing costs too much to just throw away. Bring them to us and we will take care of the rest.

Jeans and Casual Wear


Classic Tailor | Murphy,TX


.:: Jeans and Casual Wear ::.

At Classic Tailor we will get the best possible fit in your jeans. We pride ourselves in providing a “seamless” process for hemming jeans.  When we hem your jeans we can even salvage the original hem! We will shorten your jeans to where you like and put the original hem back on so it looks as if it’s never been altered.  Satisfaction guaranteed!

Womens Apparel


Classic Tailor | Murphy, TX


::. Dress Alterations .::

Wedding gowns
Brides Maids Dresses
Prom Dresses
Formal Party Attire

We do all dress alterations. If we cannot do it, it simply cannot be done! Classic Tailor Staff has the training and experience to make the necessary alterations to your formal attire fit you just right. We are your wedding and formal wear specialists.